Elgitar, Iron Label

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RGAIX7U-ABS (Antique Brown Stained) Iron Label. 

Ibanez calls the Iron Label - Metal to the core series and that's exactly what it's about with the Iron Label series, guitars optimized for what modern metal requires of a guitar. The heaviest song guitars out there. With that said, it is of course not the case that the guitars implode if you play anything but metal on them, you can play everything on them. 

RGA is back! 
RGA is a "more luxurious" arched top version of Ibanez flagship model RG. 
Thus, an RG-shaped guitar with a vaulted top of beautiful anti-brown agitated ash. Very beautiful, but sophisticated. discreet.
The model is equipped with exclusive Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups. Combined with the coilsplit switch, it's a sound-wide wide guitar ready for everything, far beyond just being suitable for metal or harder music. 
A veritable audio machine. 
Common to the series is a further development of Ibanez's famous Wizard's neck called Nitro Wizard. The 6 and 7 stringed models have a 3-piece maple, bubinga, maple construction that is a road-tested construction that has brought stability to a new level. Other features of the RGA are the Gotoh ebony and goblet locking mechanism. 

• Nitro Wizard-7 3-piece Maple / Bubinga neck. 
• Ask body. 
• Bound ebony grip board. 
• Gotoh® lockable mechanism. 
• Jumbo band.
• Ibanez Gibraltar Standard II fixed stall. 
• Bare Knuckle Aftermath x (H) neck. 
• Bare Knuckle Aftermath x (H) stallmick. 
• Black hardware. 
Suitable case: SCEGR, M100C. 
Fitting behind: Ibanez IGB521-BK. 

• Mensur: 648mm / 25.5 " 
• Width at the saddle: 48mm 
• Width at last band: 68mm. 
• Thickness at first strap: 19mm. 
• Thickness of 12 straps: 21mm. 
• Radius: 400mmR. The 

stitches are attached to a 3-way switch with a single volume control and a coil tap switch. The 
modes are available 
1. Stallmick (H) 
2. Stallmick + Neckstick (H) 
3. Neckstick (H) 
(coil tap on):
1. Stallmick (S) upper spool 
2. Stallmick + Neckstick (S) upper + lower 
3. Neckstitch (S) lower spool