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Instrument for den blivende pianisten.

25 anslagsfølsomme minitangenter, 25 lyder og 50 demosanger borger for inspirasjon til å spille. 
Det vakre designet gjør at man alltid kan ha pianoet framme og tilgjengelig for spill når man har lyst. Det fins fire forskjellige farger å velge mellom (hvit, rosa, rød og sort). 

En inne- bygd forsterker og høyttalere gjør at alle i familien kan delta og det fins utgang for hodetelefoner om man bare vil spille for seg selv

• Tinypiano drives av 6 stk AA-batterier el- ler med strømadapter (ekstra tilbehør)
• Mål og vekt: 383 × 258 × 282 mm, 4,7 kg

Twenty-five built-in sounds that let you learn while playing
Good sound is not limited to grand piano tones. There are a total of 25 built-in sounds including sounds that you´ve heard in classic songs, such as electric piano, clavinet, organ and bell, as well as sounds that befit a miniature piano, such as music box and toy piano tones. You can learn the sounds of instruments while actually playing them, as if the tinyPIANO itself were a picture book of instruments.

Fifty built-in demo songs to enjoy even when you´re not playing
The tinyPIANO contains 50 automatically playing demo songs that cover a wide range of styles. In addition to being a great way to hear skillful performances, these songs can provide enjoyable background music for your room, like a music box. Each demo song is assigned to play using a tone that´s appropriate for it, but you are free to specify a different tone to suit your taste or the desired atmosphere. Even when playing back the demo songs at night, you can turn down the volume and enjoy the background music without disturbing those around you.

Small, easily transportable, and powered by AA batteries
Speakers are built into the compact body. Since the instrument is powered by six AA batteries, you can enjoy piano performances anywhere and anytime. Without needing to be set up in a specific location, you can move the tinyPIANO from the living room to the bedroom or even outside according to how you feel that day, and enjoy music in the style you like. This instrument is too good to let the children monopolize; it´s a miniature electronic piano that adults will enjoy as well.

• Color Variations: Black (tinyPIANO-BK), Red (tinyPIANO-RD), White (tinyPIANO-WH), Pink (tinyPIANO-PK)
• Keyboard: 25 key [C4 – C6] (Natural Touch Mini Keyboard, Velocity sensitive)
• Sounds:25 (Toy Piano, Acoustic Piano x 3, Electric Piano x 2, Organ x 3, Music Box x 2, Bell x 3, Others x 11)
• Demo Songs:50 (Toy Piano Demo x 4, Music Box Demo x 21, Piano Demo x 20, Others x 5)
• Key Transpose: Yes
• Octave Shift: Yes
• Connections:- Headphones (Stereo mini jack type*, also used as an audio output) *The sound will be monaural - DC9V in
• Amplification: 1 Watt
• Speaker: 8 cm x 1
• Power Supply: - AA alkaline batteries x 6, or NiMH batteries x6 - DC 9 V (Optional AC dapter )
• Power Consumption: 2 W
• Dimensions: (W) x (D) x (H): 383 x 258 x 282 mm
• Accessories: AA batteries x 6 (for verifying operation)
• Options: AC Adapter (DC 9V)